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Broke By Books (BBB) was founded by Sarah S. Davis in November, 2014 to host a reading diary for a school project. Since that time the blog has grown beyond reviews to include resourceful articles about books that enlighten and entertain.

Vision Statement for Broke By Books

Broke By Books (BBB) is a destination blog where there is something for everyone because it marries literary criticism and genre criticism while also combining useful information about blogging, productivity, freelance writing, and monetization. Without spreading itself too thin, BBB has a focused approach to coverage of books and authors, both classic and contemporary. BBB stands for substantive literary analysis across the genres, reader’s advisory, book discovery, and a community-centered approach. Along the way, BBB seeks to offer tips and valuable, actionable information on productivity, monetization, and content strategy to beginning book bloggers and those searching to get started in writing about books as freelance professionals. Always fresh, hopefully (!) never boring, BBB strives to be as relevant as book criticism of the past yet as dynamic and revolutionary as the changing and engaging literary dialogues of the future. (Revised: 1/1/2016)

Mission Statement

BBB will accomplish its goals through consistency, relevancy, and resourcefulness. BBB will consistently post relevant content with the steeled resolve needed to navigate genre wars and unite the fan of serious literary criticism with the fan of listicles. Regular columns combined with longreads and special features distinguish BBB as a destination for aspiring book bloggers, writers, and readers who just want a more vivid and realized relationship to books. (Revised 1/1/2016)




  1. Julie Miller

    Hi Sarah. I have just read your post on books about bipolar mothers. I am deeply moved by your words and perspective. I am a mother (3 kids) who had a mother with bipolar and a personality disorder. I have a bipolar brother who also has a personality disorder and ADHD and another brother and father with what I think are undiagnosed personality disorders. I am working on a novel that has my mother at its central character, and I am exploring how her life might have unfolded had there been more understanding of her condition, as well as more consideration for who she was as a person, separate from her problems which I think only emerged when she was a married woman. I wonder whether new stories about mental health will start to emerge (some of which are already as illustrated in your list) as our society, hopefully, is more compassionate and aware? Reading about your careful consideration of becoming a mother is in stark contrast to how women of my mother’s generation embarked on motherhood. My mother certainly did not have the vocabulary to disclose her condition, even though she was a nurse by profession. I am enjoying reading your blog, and I wish you well. Julie

    • Sarah

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Julie. I’m glad that the article was useful to you. It is really interesting to read how your mother’s experience compares to my own. I know that it cannot have been easy going for you growing up. I think you are right; we are in an overall more compassionate place as a society, though there is work to be done. Hopefully people will feel more comfortable sharing their experiences.
      It means so much to me to know that writing about bipolar disorder and mental illness can help other people. Thanks again for reaching out! I eagerly await your book–please keep me in the loop. You can reach me at: sarahsdaviswrites(at)gmail(dot)com.

      Best wishes,

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