August Reading Recap

It is officially September and time to say goodbye to August. For me, August 2016 was a pretty rough reading month for me. I was in a slump for most of the month, and I didn’t finish anything much at all. Let’s take a look at my outbox. Read August 4th, 2016 – Audiobook. Book 41 of the year. This was my first time reading a Megan Abbott novel. Many of my Book Riot colleagues loved Abbott, and she seemed right up my alley, so I decided to give her latest, July’s , a go. Also, something to note. Much of my reading experience this summer was limited by a drought of poverty due to a clusterfuck of unfortunate circumstances and events in my freelance life. I basically put my wallet on lockdown and bought virtually no books. So I decided to buy as an Audible credit—book money! This was my first time reading a Megan Abbott book, and it was also my first time listening to a book exclusively on audiobook from start to finish. Overall, I liked the audiobook experience. However, I did not like the narrator that much. I’ll get to why in a second. I got to...

The Best Books about Blogging for Bloggers

When I get obsessed with an idea, I really get obsessed with it, and that includes throwing myself into book blogging resource, tools, and research binges. Sometimes I get so swept up in blog planning, nitty-gritty details, and more that I barely leave my desk for 8 hours—kind of like a full-time job, actually (which is why I my novels go unwritten!). So I thought I’d put all the time, energy, and money I’ve spent on book blogging to good use and bring you all a list of the best books on blogging for book bloggers, whether you are a beginning niche blogger looking to read the best books about blogging or a seasoned pro hoping to take your blog to the next level. Consider it a benefit of my trial and error as I’ve grown this book blog to 2,500+ page views each month and spent gobs of money to find out the best resources for bloggers. Note: these are the best books about blogging for bloggers, all bloggers, whether you are a food blogger, book blogger, thrifty blogger, or mom blogger, whatever your niche, these books on blogging for bloggers are universally good.  Let’s get started! Here are my Broke...

How to Speak Book | The Ultimate Guide to Book Nerd and Reading Terms

Reading book blogs, spending hours on Goodreads, and hanging out at the library or bookstore…it’s all great fun until someone starts throwing around Book Speak. You know, when a Goodreads reviewer starts dropping three-letter acronyms, “I totally had to say DNF to this ARC and take it off my TBR.” Um…come again? See the handy list of book blogging, book nerd, and reading vocabulary to cut through the jargon and dish about your next favorite book. ARC – An “Advanced Review Copy,” sometimes called a Digital Review Copy (DRC) for e-book galleys, are copies of books that get released early publishers in hopes that a book reviewer, blogger, librarian, or someone with some kind of literary “influence” will write about it. You can find DRCs on or Edelweiss and win them through Goodreads, or you can email the publisher or author directly. Just one of the many reasons to post your reviews on Goodreads or start a book blog: early access to that Sarah J. Maas Throne of Glass sequel (or dare we dream, the next John Green?). TBR – Oh, you’ve got a TBR, a “To Be Read” list. Maybe yours is over 50, 100, or even 500 deep by...

An Epic List of 52 Book Blogging Ideas: From Cookbooks to Confessions

I consider myself “an idea person” and coming up with book blogging ideas is my specialty. You see, I’m one of those people who interrupts conversations mid-sentence to catch an idea before it dissolves into a disorganized mess. My eyes aglow, I say, “One second!”, and head to my mind palace while I write down a wisp of a thought on the nearest scrap of paper or on my iPhone. This is especially true if I’ve had a lot of caffeine, or med levels are a little low. As a freelance writer, blogger, and fiction writer, I love new ideas, especially book blogging ideas, and I understand how bad it feels to be grasping for something new to post. Today, I’m lifting back the veil and giving you some book blogging ideas in hopes that you may take them and personalize them for your own blog. Whether you’ve got blogging writer’s block, feel like the well of inspiration has run dry, or am just looking to vary things up, my epic list of 52 blog post ideas for book bloggers (one for every week of the year) is sure to have something for everyone. Enjoy! (Bonus article: Check out my Tips and Advice...

Tips and Advice for Aspiring Book Bloggers

In a little less than one year my blog went from bite sized to big, and so did my writing career. I can barely believe it but Broke By Books is officially 1 year old this month with my first post being published exactly one year ago on November 15th, 2014. Since then I’ve drive my traffic from 700 page views over the first 6 months to 900 unique page views a month or more on average over the last 3 months and posted more than 50 pieces of unique content, including a mix of reviews and feature length posts. Starting a book blog has led to coveted (and paid) freelance writing opportunities, has given me access to in-demand advanced review copies, and has established me an authority on the subject of books. It’s been trial and error for sure, but I’ve learned a lot about book blogging, often the hard or circuitous way. When I first started Broke By Books I googled “Tips for starting a book blog” and “Advice for becoming a book blog” and the like. For the most part I didn’t find the information I wanted, so now I’m writing the article I wish I had...

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