“American Housewife: Stories” by Helen Ellis | Book Review + Discussion Guide

Mini-Review of American Housewife by Helen Ellis If you’re looking for a collection of contemporary short stories that explore themes of feminism, domesticity, marriage, career, and the general idea of women “having it all,”  by Helen Ellis is an excellent choice. I wasn’t sure what to put in this book review and discussion guide of Helen Ellis’ . I didn’t think I’d like the short story collection, but I came away loving it, imperfect though it was. I loved how dark it was, how macabre some of the humor was. It is a fairly short book and easily digestible. I had not read a short story collection in a long time, but this made me request several short story collections from the library. Sometimes I feel like an American housewife myself since I work from home and take care of my parents. I cook dinner and most meals for them and do chores. If I’m married to anything, it’s my work (and my cats!). Let’s get right down to a synopsis and critical analysis of . Book Background + About the Author The short story collection  by American author Helen Ellis is 185 pages long in its first hardcover publication in January 2016...

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