July 2017 Reading Recap – My Month in Reading

My July 2017 reading recap has to start with how this crazy month both ate into my reading practice and made me love reading again. At the end of June, I started a new job that had very specific and brutal hours that ultimately I could not adjust to since I am so sensitive to losing sleep. But there were a few weeks there where I was working about 20 hours there and still had all my regular freelance work, so it was 15 hour days for enough days to wear me down. Anyway, I decided to pursue other opportunities, and now reading (and writing) have come back into my life. When that happens, an intense crush of reading deprivation, it makes me love reading even more, crave it even more. Which is a good thing because for those days when I was chained to my MacBook for 13 hours straight, I sought out the quiet peace of a book rather than watch TV. Can I just say, it is so nice to unplug and read? Even though I have been reading on my Kindle more, there is a beauty to shutting down your computer, turning off your phone, and just losing...

What I’m Reading | April 17, 2016 Edition

This week I added some books to my Goodreads “Currently Reading” shelf and brought the grand total to 16. Sixteen! And yet it wasn’t even accurate. Once a Goodreads addict, I’d let my record keeping slip and hadn’t been updating with any regularity. Of course I wasn’t reading 16 books…right? Doing some weeding, I trimmed the fat until all that remained was a list of eight books that I could genuinely claim I was reading at the moment. And so I’m starting a weekly column here looking at what my reading brain has been up to, what I’m reading at the moment. I was also inspired partly by the “Peek over Our Shoulder” monthly feature at Book Riot which looks at what us Rioters are reading at the moment (here’s one example from April 2016). Before I start, I want to ask you…what are you reading right now, dear blog reader? What’s ringing your bells, so to speak? Can you only read one book at once or do you scatter your reading time across six or, dare I say it, 16 books? Fill us in with a comment below the post. I have a lovely shelf on one of my home bookcases...

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