The Best Books about Blogging for Bloggers

When I get obsessed with an idea, I really get obsessed with it, and that includes throwing myself into book blogging resource, tools, and research binges. Sometimes I get so swept up in blog planning, nitty-gritty details, and more that I barely leave my desk for 8 hours—kind of like a full-time job, actually (which is why I my novels go unwritten!). So I thought I’d put all the time, energy, and money I’ve spent on book blogging to good use and bring you all a list of the best books on blogging for book bloggers, whether you are a beginning niche blogger looking to read the best books about blogging or a seasoned pro hoping to take your blog to the next level. Consider it a benefit of my trial and error as I’ve grown this book blog to 2,500+ page views each month and spent gobs of money to find out the best resources for bloggers. Note: these are the best books about blogging for bloggers, all bloggers, whether you are a food blogger, book blogger, thrifty blogger, or mom blogger, whatever your niche, these books on blogging for bloggers are universally good.  Let’s get started! Here are my Broke...

20 Best Books to Read in Your Twenties | Books for Twenty-somethings

Now that I am on the final leg of my twenties, I look back at the younger reading me and wonder what books I would have given her to guide her through her first full decade of adulthood. I admit I’m turning into an elder of sorts, giving reassurance and guidance to my younger friends as if I’ve got all the answers. I don’t, and every time I approach an advice-type situation, I fall back on books. So consider the following list a reader’s advisory for the twenties, handpicked novels, books, and comics that should help a reader navigate the rocky post-college years, entry-level job situation, student loans, career indecision, “adulting,” love, and, perhaps most of all, friendship. You can get by on very little when you’re in you’re twenties. You can forego buying a car, renting a swanky apartment, spending money on the new work wardrobe you really need, Hulu Plus, and coming up with ways to avoid that wedding. But I truly believe that without friends who are going through the same experiences, it’s not the same. Read on for a list of non-fiction, novels, comics, of all shapes and sizes reflecting diverse voices and disparate twenties experiences....

What I Wish Romance Writers Knew About Nerds | Best Nerd Romance

So you’re writing a nerd romance novel. I myself am currently reading a “nerd romance novel” to coincide with February’s Valentine’s Day festivities. I appreciate the obscure pop culture references, and the heroine is pretty adorkable. But I guess I find that both in writing my own new adult romance novel and, well, living life in the mid 2010’s as a geeky gal, there’s a little room for improvement in romance novels with nerdy characters. Here’s my wish list of what writers should know about writing nerdy characters, followed by some recommendations for the best nerd romance novels. Enjoy! (And happy Valentine’s Day.) Nerdy characters can flirt just as well as anyone else I really get annoyed at the whole “Smart characters only talk geek-gibberish and can’t flirt like a normal human being” stereotype that’s out there. So many nerds are good at flirting because they’re good with language and dialogue. And many of them have competed in debate club or Hi-Q, defended theses and dissertations, explained complex Boolean search techniques to others, and gotten into all kinds of heated fangirl and fanboy arguments about whether Snape was truly good or very evil and whether the second Spiderman reboot should be forgotten or praised. Nerds also...

Book Recommendations for “Game of Thrones” Fans

Lost among  political intrigue and (quite literally) backstabbing dynastic wars is the fact that the hit HBO blockbuster drama series is deeply rooted in the fantasy genre. The HBO adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s  can sometimes go episodes before anything epically fantastically magical happens. Then the White Walkers emerge from the biting cold, kill a shit-ton of people, and remind you that the television series is, oh right, still rooted in epic fantasy conventions.  Clearly, though, Game of Thrones has such broad appeal for more than just fantastical elements since the show has definite crossover appeal for non-fantasy viewers and readers. So if you are looking for book recommendations for “Game of Thrones” fans, you’ve come to the right place. The following list offers book recommendations for Game of Thrones fans who might not want to read a fantasy novel by deconstructing some of the series’ appeal. Whether you’re a dire-hard fantasy fan who is sick of the same old “What to read if you like Game of Thrones” book recommendations or you’re a non-fantasy fan looking to gently ease into the genre, this list contains something for everyone.  If You Like Game of Thrones’ Political Conflict and Dynastic Wars… One of the undeniable attractions to the Game of Thrones...

Brothers and Sisters in Fiction: Great Siblings of Literature and Fiction

This week it was my brother’s birthday!  I shall not reveal his age, but I will say he is older than me, and as such I am his kid sister. We are very close and spend most weekday mornings texting motivational quotes back and forth, including inside-joke motivational hashtag sayings like, #compete. He has a sharp sense of humor, an unstoppable work ethic, and, as a coach and teacher, a contagious love for inspiring the leaders of tomorrow and motivating young people to engage with activities and with studies. I’m jealous of his students because they get to have a teacher like him, someone who followed in our father’s footsteps by teaching English to youth. He’s also one of the best storytellers I know, and he seems to soak up and attract stories like a sponge. I also adopted two kittens last November, a girl named Minerva and a boy named Jon Snow (I believe in Jon Snow!). Since I work from home I am able to capture adorable moments from them as they cuddle together just minutes after ripping into each other. They are truly best friends and will bathe the other and snuggle up together on a cold day....

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