“Dramarama” by E. Lockhart | Book Review

Lockhart, E. Dramarama. New York: Hyperion, 2007. Genre: Contemporary Intended Audience: 14 and up Personal reaction This was the second book by E. Lockhart that I’ve read this fall, and I adored it. This novel recounts the friendship of Demi, a gay, African American teenage boy, and Sarah aka “Sadye,” a straight, white teen girl concentrating especially on the summer they were away at a boarding school for theatre arts. Sadye (the narrator) and Demi originally come to Wildwood Academy with only each other as friends. They have met the winter before and saved each other from a life of mainstream “vanilla” boredom in their small town in Ohio.


“Side Effects May Vary” by Julie Murphy | Book Review

Murphy, Julie. Side Effects May Vary. New York: Balzer & Bray (Harper), 2014. Genre: Contemporary Recommended Audience: 16 and up Personal reaction to the book In this novel, sixteen-year-old Alice is living under the impression that she’s going to die from terminal cancer. To live it up in her final days, she recruits her friend Harvey to get pay back and revenge for all the people who’ve wronged her. Harvey, a good-natured guy, goes along with most things believing that Alice is in love with him and that they would have a future together if she were to live. Well, Alice finds out she’s no longer terminal and is in complete remission, thereby causing awkward situations with Harvey and the people whose lives she ruined in revenge.


“This Song Will Save Your Life” by Leila Sales | Book Review

Sales, Leila. This Song Will Save Your Life. New York: Macmillan, 2013. Genre: Contemporary Intended Audience: 14 and above Personal reaction to the book This Song Will Save Your Life is about a music-obsessed loner teen, Elise, who starts to disc jockey on the side at an underground pop-up club. While there she meets Char, a disc jockey who is older and more experienced than her, who teaches her how to disc jockey. Eventually Elise starts to headline shows as her popularity and skills grow.


“Dark Places” by Gillian Flynn | Book Review

This has been a very strange week. This is one of the first weeks I’ve spent where my main job(s) are all working from home, so Thanksgiving didn’t feel as much like a “break” from something as it usually does. I have very fond memories of the previous two Thanksgivings when I’ve devoured books during my breaks from work. In 2012 it was The Fault in Our Stars and Silver Linings Playbook. In 2013 it was Bridget Jones: Mad about the Boy and Fangirl (Fannnngirrrrrlllll!). This year I was obsessed with Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. Flynn’s second novel, Dark Places takes you inside the mind of three people. First, the main narrator is Libby Day. As a child, Libby survived a massacre that took her two older sisters and mother away from her. Libby famously testified that her older brother, Ben, was the murderer. Now in her early thirties, Libby has no contact with Ben, who is in prison for life. Alternating the Libby chapters are chapters from Libby’s mother’s perspective and Ben’s perspective both weaving a timeline to that fateful day in 1985. Libby is broke, so when a macabre, morbid group called the Kill Club offers to pay her to investigate the murders, she reluctantly...

“Anna and the French Kiss” by Stephanie Perkins | Book Review

Perkins, Stephanie. Anna and the French Kiss. New York: Dutton Juvenile (Penguin), 2010. Genre: Contemporary, Romance Recommended Audience: 14 and up Personal reaction to the book In Anna and the French Kiss, the first of a trilogy of YA romance books by Stephanie Perkins, we meet young Anna, whose dad has shipped her off to an international boarding school in Paris for her final year of high school. Anna falls in with a semi-popular crowd and centers her attention around the adorable Etienne St. Clair, a French-British guy who is charming, attractive, and whimsical. So begins their romance.


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