Review Policy

Please note: At this time I am not accepting books

for review.

My review policy

Check out what I’ve read recently either here or on Goodreads if you think your book would be a good fit for me to review (or, alternately, not a good fit). Please note that I generally do not review nonfiction (except cookbooks and some memoirs).

Genres I particularly like are:

Young Adult (Contemporary, Romance, Fantasy, Coming of Age)

Literary Fiction (Really not a fan of short stories)

Chick lit/Women’s Fiction

Romance (not erotica, prefer historical)

Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Epic fantasy)

Mystery (Prefer standalone)

Graphic novels

Themes I love to read and talk about include:

Illness and disability (especially mental illness)

Epistolary fiction (diaries, letters, emails, etc)

The past comes knocking (e.g. when people/events from the past impact the present)

Spinster romance (perpetually and hopelessly single woman gets the guy)

War (epic novels that address themes of war, soldiers, home front, trauma)

Bildungsroman (coming of age)

Libraries, Books, Writers

Music, Musicians, Music Industry

Art, Artists

Cooks, Bakers, Chefs, anything culinary


I am often buried under the rotating demands of advanced review copies, Kirkus reviews, book club, and my own reading whims. So, given time restraints, I try not to read anything for unsolicited review unless it’s under 450 pages–lame, I know. I accept paper, MOBI, ePUB, and PDF books and physical books in the mail. If you’re interested in having me review, please email sarahsdaviswrites (at) gmail (dot) com.

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