August Reading Recap

It is officially September and time to say goodbye to August. For me, August 2016 was a pretty rough reading month for me. I was in a slump for most of the month, and I didn’t finish anything much at all. Let’s take a look at my outbox. Read August 4th, 2016 – Audiobook. Book 41 of the year. This was my first time reading a Megan Abbott novel. Many of my Book Riot colleagues loved Abbott, and she seemed right up my alley, so I decided to give her latest, July’s , a go. Also, something to note. Much of my reading experience this summer was limited by a drought of poverty due to a clusterfuck of unfortunate circumstances and events in my freelance life. I basically put my wallet on lockdown and bought virtually no books. So I decided to buy as an Audible credit—book money! This was my first time reading a Megan Abbott book, and it was also my first time listening to a book exclusively on audiobook from start to finish. Overall, I liked the audiobook experience. However, I did not like the narrator that much. I’ll get to why in a second. I got to...

Romance Novel Quotes I’d Like Benedict Cumberbatch to Read to Me

Ermagod. Benedict Cumberbatch…whatever you think about his appearance, nobody can deny that he has one of the sexiest voices in the world. Seriously, he could send me into a hot sweat if only by reading something as dry as the phone book (or my library science textbooks…). Regrettably, Benedict Cumberbatch has not recorded many audiobooks I can purchase with my Audible credit, at least not so far. However, Cumberbatch was recently involved in a project called My Dear Bessie, a radio program on BBC Radio 4 in which he read actual love letters from a soldier in World War II to his lady love on the homefront. Starring opposite Cumberbatch in the role of Bessie was Louise Brealey, better known to some as Molly Hooper from Sherlock. Yes, an actual Sherlolly romance! You can listen to an excerpt here or the entire thing here (but only for a few more weeks). This got me thinking, what if I could get Benedict Cumberbatch to read me my favorite romantic quotes from literature past and present? There’s certainly plenty of options. So ease into your chair and imagine that thick, rich, decadent voice vocalizing these words of love in the perfect pairing of book boyfriend...

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