Lifehack: 8 Creative and Fun Ways to Organize Your Home Library Bookshelves

Recently it occurred to me that I own a lot of books.  I’m not sure how this escaped my notice for so long. But I had absolutely been telling people, “I don’t own a lot of books. I really don’t!” On a whim last week I decided to take my skinny, metal folding bookshelf and put it in my study. I thought I’d pick up a few books lying around the house and get them off the ground. You know, reclaim flat surfaces so the cats can sprawl out on them. I’d save a couple shelves for future purchases and— I filled it in about 20 minutes.  I was totally blown away because I genuinely believed that I didn’t own many books anymore. Over the last year and a half I have made a really big effort to donate unwanted books to the library, selling them for credit at used bookstores, or giving them to people I know who might like them, a purging process known to library folk as “weeding the collection.” So I thought I had drastically reduced my collection. Wrong! So now that I had an actual “collection” full of books I am eager to read, I decided that I wanted...

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