How to Stay Connected to the Book World While Homebound

Because I have a chronic illness that can be debilitating, I have spent some time during the past few years homebound. I work remotely, so I’m home a lot of the time anyway, but when my bipolar illness is acting up I barely feel up to leaving the house. This often means no libraries, no bookstores, and no book club. With ebooks and home book delivery from online retailers, one is never at a loss for accessing books. But obtaining books is perhaps not the biggest challenge for those confined to their homes. For bookworms who are unable to leave their house, it can often feel lonely, especially if you, like many readers, feel energized by being around books and talking to others about them. But being homebound does not have to be isolating, especially not in the age of the Internet and expanded library outreach services. Just because you or someone you care about is unable to leave the house does not mean the bookish world is out of reach entirely. Here are some of my favorite ways to still soak up conversation in the reading world, reach the world beyond my house, and feel connected to fellow bookworms....

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