5 Ways to Reach Your Year-End Reading Challenge Goal

There are just a few days left until the clock strikes 12:00 am on January 1st and we’re ringing in a new year. For many readers and bookworms now is the time that panic sets in. If you are freaking out over how to reach your Goodreads reading challenge or other personal reading goal, chances are the end of December is a time of anxiety and angst. It doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re 1, 5, or even 10 (yes, 10! I know you people are out there, and I salute you!) books away from having read that magical number of books in your Goodreads or personal reading challenge, it’s possible. You can do it. You can do it! And here’s how. Here are my five ways to read more books during crunch time when it counts. 1. Rescue and finish abandoned books (the low-hanging fruit method) I’m the worst at finishing books. Even though I, like most people, have issues with abandonment on the emotional level, I totally have no bad feels about putting a book down, returning it to the library, or leaving it at 63% read on my Kindle. This year I realized that these are the low-hanging fruit...

Tips and Advice for Aspiring Book Bloggers

In a little less than one year my blog went from bite sized to big, and so did my writing career. I can barely believe it but Broke By Books is officially 1 year old this month with my first post being published exactly one year ago on November 15th, 2014. Since then I’ve drive my traffic from 700 page views over the first 6 months to 900 unique page views a month or more on average over the last 3 months and posted more than 50 pieces of unique content, including a mix of reviews and feature length posts. Starting a book blog has led to coveted (and paid) freelance writing opportunities, has given me access to in-demand advanced review copies, and has established me an authority on the subject of books. It’s been trial and error for sure, but I’ve learned a lot about book blogging, often the hard or circuitous way. When I first started Broke By Books I googled “Tips for starting a book blog” and “Advice for becoming a book blog” and the like. For the most part I didn’t find the information I wanted, so now I’m writing the article I wish I had...

How to Read More Books: Read Shorter Books

How many books should you read each year? This is a topic I go back and forth about and can never come up with an answer that satisfies me. Since I interact with books on a daily basis in my various writing and editing roles, books are basically my life. Obsessed with trying to determine just how many books I should be reading to be well read and current in my profession, I secretly stalk my Goodreads friends’ Reading Challenge counts while neurotically adjusting my own reading challenge in small ways (from 52 to 75 books a year) to large ways (from 75 books to 175 books and then back to 52 books…all within the span of two days). A little much? It’s just another timesucking casualty of the book nerd life. The core question, though, is something I wrestle with, and the only answer I’ve arrived at that works is: “more.” There’s the answer: there is no magic number of books you should read in a year—read as many as possible and preferably at least if not more than the previous year, with allowances for longer books thrown in the mix. Simply, you can never read too many books....

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