Welcome to the Fall Publishing Season | FAQ for Pre-Order

Aaaannnd…. Here we go! It’s fall publishing season 2016, baby, and I am drowning in pre-orders… more than 30 between now and the end of the year. I am not really big into advanced review copies. I’ve always felt icky about an obligation to read something—even with book club—because I believe the freedom to read (or should I say… FREADom) whatever you want is as much one of the “certain unalienable Rights” I have in my country. Does this look familiar to you? On Any Given Tuesday, I wake up to packages outside. It’s a little bit like Christmas. Like this early-October photo from last year, where five books were just dropped off by the dedicated drone they have at the nearest Amazon warehouse in Delaware. I’m super excited for pre-order season, so I thought I’d write an article about how you can do to prepare for a bookageddon. This of course includes when you’ve requested a million holds through the library system and they all come it at once week by week. If you’re feeling nervous with anticipation or getting cold feet—how am I going to read all these books? I’m just about to drop $500 on pre-orders—am I insane? What if five...

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