10 Books to Read If You Love “Mindhunter”

Even though we are supposedly living in the era of “Peak TV,” it is amazing that few shows really rise above the background noise and stand out. Netflix’s drama Mindhunter was one of these shows. I had looked forward to Mindhunter‘s premiere as far back as last year. I’m a huge David Fincher fan. Some of his films, like Zodiac and The Social Network are among my favorite movies ever. And I’ve also enjoyed House of Cards, which Fincher helped launch. From that first chilling first trailer, Mindhunter announced itself as a tense psychological thriller about the rise of criminal profiling in the FBI in the years after J. Edgar Hoover. The first season surpassed my expectations. Mindhunter also felt literary, and indeed many of the crimes were based off historical cases, in some cases the dialogue the original team collected from interviews was used in Fincher’s drama, too. Ten episodes was definitely not enough, and I was left yearning to learn more about this era and the themes the show explores. Thus the birth of this list of 10 books to read if you love Mindhunter. The titles featured here are divided into five nonfiction and five fiction books I recommend for fans of Mindhunter. Each of these...

Books to Read If You Loved The Great British Baking Show

books to read if you love the great british baking show

Last year, The Great British Baking Show lifted me from a deep depression. Oh, those soothing accents. Oh, that spunky, magical music. Oh, those desserts! I felt utterly transported to England, and I binge-watched the show with my mom. One reason why I loved the show so much was that it reminded me of my own guilty pleasure: British chick lit or women’s fiction about cooking, baking, and overall sweet delights. And if you’re just coming to the The Great British Baking Show tonight for its season premiere on PBS, or you’re a longtime fan of this show, which is also known as The Great British Bake Off in its native UK, you’re likely want to indulge and binge read the following books that are like The Great British Baking Show. Or, for my friends in the UK, books like The Great British Bake Off. Sink your teeth into these book recommendations for The Great British Baking Show. Novels Like The Great British Baking Show I’m a fiction girl at heart, and also a consumer of British women’s literature about baking, cooking, and food in general. If you have yet to discover the pleasures of this subgenre, prepare yourself. Here’s the basic formula (without being formulaic): take 1/4 foodie...

Brothers Grimm 2.0: Contemporary Authors Who Write Fairy Tales

In the last week I got a few new books or holds in from the library, all of them YA, most of them new takes on classic tales like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Little Red Riding Hood. It seems like not a month goes by without new YA titles being released that are some new “take” on a classic fairytale or canonical work. Witness EpicReads’ Epic Chart of 162 Young Adult Retellings. Yes, 162 retellings of classical myths, fairy tales, Shakespeare, and canonical stories we all remember from childhood. And this epic chart was published in February 2014, over a year ago, while these novels keep hitting the bookshelves just about every week. I mean, it’s great, right? Actually, I’m not sure it is.  Because most if not all of the stories that serve as points-of-departure were written so very long ago. Shakespeare? That’s reaching back over 400 years. Brothers Grimm? Approaching 200 years. Classical mythology? I don’t know…you tell me, perhaps a few thousand years? What happens when we wake up and realize we need to be encouraging the creation of our own fairy tales and not just spin-offs of a canonical work? What is our new canon? With that question in mind, I reconsidered some authors who...

Book Recommendations for The Goldfinch | What to Read After The Goldfinch

I remember that when I first finished  I was left with a severe book hangover, and I still remember that time with wonder. I’m hoping this post will serve readers of  well because I went searching for book recommendations for  after I finished it and was never satisfied. Now that I’ve had about a year to digest the novel, I feel like I’m in a better position to advise on this issue. I did not include any Dickens because that’s in practically every list you can think of that addresses read-a-likes for , so, while I love Charles Dickens, here are some other ideas on reading recommendations for what to read after you’ve finished . So You’ve Read The Goldfinch. Or, What to Read Next If you loved the first person narrative and retrospection and insight on how a life is constructed… (2014) is a six-volume autobiography by Karl Ove (Knausgaard). Or actually it’s a six-volume novel. Or something in between. So far the first three books have been translated into English with the fourth being released this spring. What I love about  is the confessional style of Karl Ove. He is so brutally honest about things, saying stuff and ranting about...

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