Frozen Fiction: Best Books to Read While Snowed In

Right now, I am snowed in. Philadelphia, and much of the United States, is under a “bomb cyclone,” some kind of wild term for a snowstorm. I admit, it’s pretty fun. My father was a high school English teacher, so whenever he would have off, my brother and I would have off, too. If we were dismissed from school early, we’d somehow manage to find each other (this was before cell phones could help us easily connect) and go to a local dive bar, The Boat House, where the other teachers would congregate. Then we’d head home through the snowy streets of suburban Philadelphia. I would probably already be deep into whatever book I was reading. I liked to read with the lights off knowing that the snow would give a boost of white light. Like any reader, I love snow because it is perfect reading weather. I’ve got snuggly reading socks, a comfy reading sweatshirt, warm leggings, and a house where my office looks out into the snow-covered forest behind our house. Now that I work from home (perk of being a freelancer!), I’m snowed in by default, but it’s fun when everyone is the house is home for...

10 Books to Read If You Love “Mindhunter”

Even though we are supposedly living in the era of “Peak TV,” it is amazing that few shows really rise above the background noise and stand out. Netflix’s drama Mindhunter was one of these shows. I had looked forward to Mindhunter‘s premiere as far back as last year. I’m a huge David Fincher fan. Some of his films, like Zodiac and The Social Network are among my favorite movies ever. And I’ve also enjoyed House of Cards, which Fincher helped launch. From that first chilling first trailer, Mindhunter announced itself as a tense psychological thriller about the rise of criminal profiling in the FBI in the years after J. Edgar Hoover. The first season surpassed my expectations. Mindhunter also felt literary, and indeed many of the crimes were based off historical cases, in some cases the dialogue the original team collected from interviews was used in Fincher’s drama, too. Ten episodes was definitely not enough, and I was left yearning to learn more about this era and the themes the show explores. Thus the birth of this list of 10 books to read if you love Mindhunter. The titles featured here are divided into five nonfiction and five fiction books I recommend for fans of Mindhunter. Each of these...

20 Books to Understand “What Happened” to America

“What happened?” is not just the title of a recent memoir by Hillary Clinton. It’s also a question I think many of us grapple with on a daily basis. How did “this” happen? “This” being a euphemism for many things: the election of Trump, sure, but also attacks on healthcare, efforts to dismantle or cut social services, a disturbing rise in political rage and intolerance, and so on. “This” is 2017, or whatever year you are reading this blog post in. “This” is modern America, and “This” looks different to all voters. But to own and change “This,” we have to be well informed. We can’t shy away from the darker corners in our country. We have to step into the shadows with the people trapped there and bring a candle so we can see each other. We will beat the dark down with light. Reading brings you to directly to confrontation, and change. Information is a weapon. And I have designed this list of books about social justice, current events, and political issues to arm you with knowledge and compassion to disarm hatred and inequality. There are many excellent writers conducting some truly groundbreaking research and combining that with a...

What I’m Reading | April 17, 2016 Edition

This week I added some books to my Goodreads “Currently Reading” shelf and brought the grand total to 16. Sixteen! And yet it wasn’t even accurate. Once a Goodreads addict, I’d let my record keeping slip and hadn’t been updating with any regularity. Of course I wasn’t reading 16 books…right? Doing some weeding, I trimmed the fat until all that remained was a list of eight books that I could genuinely claim I was reading at the moment. And so I’m starting a weekly column here looking at what my reading brain has been up to, what I’m reading at the moment. I was also inspired partly by the “Peek over Our Shoulder” monthly feature at Book Riot which looks at what us Rioters are reading at the moment (here’s one example from April 2016). Before I start, I want to ask you…what are you reading right now, dear blog reader? What’s ringing your bells, so to speak? Can you only read one book at once or do you scatter your reading time across six or, dare I say it, 16 books? Fill us in with a comment below the post. I have a lovely shelf on one of my home bookcases...

Blizzard Books: Best Books to Read in a Snowstorm

The East Coast is about to be pummeled with snow in the first blizzard of the season. This is no horror to me–I’m well insulated in my fortress of books. Blizzards really are the best time to read. It is so peaceful and all you want to do is snuggle up inside under a blanket reading. Here are my best books to read in a snowstorm, the kind of books to get snowed in with you’ll want to read this winter. From classics of romance to horror and literary fiction, these novels will help you have a pleasant winter reading session. The Winter King – C.L. Wilson (Fantasy, romance) At first I was a skeptic—high fantasy published by Avon romance? Could this be the romance equivalent of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire? Well, kind of. C.L. Wilson writes epic high fantasy for the romance crowd in The Winter King. Whereas Martin’s “romance” is barely there, Wilson’s romance is front and center. Set in a land that looks like this: this novel is packed with all the enchantment of a fairy tale set in a land covered in snow. When a headstrong princess of the south (and a...

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