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Welcome to the New Broke by Books

In this, my fifth year of blogging, I’ve decided to refocus my goals for the blog. To date, I’ve successfully achieved my main objective of creating original bookish content on a variety of topics. I’m proud of the 133 articles I’ve published here on Broke by Books. I’ve treated my writing here much the same… Keep Reading

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Reflections: My Second Semester in a Kid Lit MFA Program

It’s been six months since my recap of my first semester in my MFA program, so I thought I’d do an update on the second semester, which I just finished. I am a student in Vermont College of Fine Arts’s MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults low-residency program. I started last July (read… Keep Reading

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Best New Historical Fiction of Summer 2019

Ah, summer reading. Arguably, the summer is the season of books, with all-star authors releasing their latest fighting it out against highly anticipated debuts for who will be the blockbuster, bestselling beach read. If you want my guess, any of these 15 best new historical fiction books for 2019’s summer reading could be the next… Keep Reading

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15 Best Advanced Tarot Books for Experienced Readers

Last year, I wrote an article that listed my 15 best tarot books for beginning to advanced readers. I was pleasantly surprised to see this post get so much traffic. Apparently there are a bunch of people like me who love tarot books! This list of the 15 best advanced tarot books for experienced readers… Keep Reading

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The Word Count of 175 Favorite Novels

I’m writing a novel. You’re writing a novel. We’re all writing or reading novels. But how long is too long? How short is too short? If you’re obsessing over how many words your novel should be, it’s a good idea to consult the word counts of popular novels as a frame of reference. In this… Keep Reading

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Best Books of May 2019 to Add to Your TBR

Today is the first Tuesday in May, which marks the beginning of the publishing month. (For those who don’t know, publishers release most of their new books on Tuesdays.) And my, oh my, is May shaping up to be a great month for books. You can definitely tell we’re heading into the summer reading season,… Keep Reading

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Book Review of THE CLUB by Takis Würger

I picked up The Club (2019), the debut novel by Der Spiegel author Takis Würger on the strength of Megan Abbot’s book blurb: “Wildly entertaining.” And I’m glad I gave this novel a go, despite its cheesy front cover. The Club made a splash in Würger’s native Germany when it was originally published in 2017,… Keep Reading

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15 Great Graphic Novels for Kids

There are so many awesome graphic novels for kids these days, but where to start? Graphic novels for children are becoming increasingly popular, with kid lit publishers releasing child graphic novels all the time now. Graphic novels for tweens and middle schoolers are great stories to explore friendship, popularity, puberty, and emerging identities. In my… Keep Reading

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10 Best YA Books about Politics and Social Justice

I came of age in the Bush years, when politics felt like a discouraging, fixed game for adults. But long about my junior year in high school, I started to feel called to a kind of political awakening. I had a communist phase and helped found our high school’s branch of Students for a Democratic… Keep Reading

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